The emotions of any legal matter involving your family can quickly become overwhelming. In these situations, hiring a trustworthy and knowledgeable family law attorney is crucial. Skilled family law attorneys can bring peace in what can rapidly become a stressful situation for you and your family. They can also bring the expertise to address and resolve the problems at hand within the judicial system. So, who are family law attorneys, and what types of cases do they handle? Knowing this information will help you make the best decision for your legal situation and for your family’s needs.

What Types of Cases do Family Law Attorneys Handle?

Family law, is defined as the practice of law that focuses on issues that arise within the family. Just as each family is widely different, so is each case that these types of lawyers take on. Those types of cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Divorce cases
  • Child custody cases
  • Paternity cases
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Child and spousal abuse cases
  • Guardianship cases

What Type of Family Law Attorney Do I Need?

  • Divorce lawyers
    • When adults decide to end their marriage, a divorce lawyer navigates through the two parties’ disputes with each other and their belongings. If the couple has children, the lawyer may also handle any child support or alimony that either party is seeking.
  • Child custody/paternity lawyers
    • A child custody lawyer fights for the best interests of the child/children in determining the custody arrangement of said child/children.
    • When the paternity of a child or children is in question, a lawyer assists in the legal recognition of fatherhood, child support being requested and custodial rights for the father.
  • Marriage and civil union lawyers
    • When two people enter into a marriage, a family law attorney can assist the parties with any questions they have or any procedural steps that need to be taken within the courts.
  • Family law attorneys dealing with abuse
    • When abuse of a child or other adult party takes place, a family law attorney steps in to advocate for the safety and well-being of the abused party, as well as representing them in front of the courts.
  • Adoption lawyers
    • When a child is adopted, an adoption lawyer will assist with the legal paperwork that needs to be completed, even if the adoption is done through an adoption agency.
  • Guardianship lawyers
    • When the guardianship of a child or adult is in question, a guardianship lawyer establishes whether someone is fit to parent such child/children and/or the guardianship of an adult incapable of caring for themselves in a full capacity.

Families are built upon love, support, and the safety felt between its members. When that safety, love, or support is threatened or changing, a family law attorney can step in and guide the parties involved to a solution that serves everyone. Through many years of training, these advocates are well-versed in the law and the struggles of these families. Choosing one that is right for your situation is crucial.

If you feel that your family is in need of guidance or help from a seasoned family law attorney, contact Emily Latiolais with Latiolais Law Firm. Your family deserves the best, and Emily Latiolais is there for you and yours in your time of need. Give her a call today and see how having the right lawyer on your team can bring peace and justice for you!