Going through a divorce or separation often includes a new lifestyle and arrangements with your children. As a parent, you love your children and want what is best for them. Unfortunately, it can become very difficult to see eye to eye with your ex on what arrangements or overall decision making is best for the child.  What happens if the other parent is not doing their share? What if what you believe is best for your child is not what the other parent believes is right? In these cases, it may be best to get a Child custody support lawyer on your team to best represent you and your family’s needs. 

Finding the right child custody support lawyer is important. Having someone who will listen with intent, act with purpose, and care for your family’s best interest above all else is essential in your custody lawyer selection. While you can find a lawyer everywhere you turn, finding the right fit for you and your needs often has a direct impact on getting the custody arrangement you desire.

What is a child custody support lawyer?

Before we dive into tips to selecting a custody lawyer, let’s ensure you understand their role as your lawyer. A child custody support lawyer can assist families going through a divorce or a battle of custody of a child or multiple children. Each state’s laws are different as it pertains to the amount of child support that is paid, visitation rights, custody rights, etc. A child custody/support lawyer brings a high level of knowledge to the table and ensures you know your rights to help you get the best result for your child and for your family.

Specifically, custody lawyers will work with their client to convince the court and the judge based on what is best interests of the child or children. Similarly, child support lawyers assist parents or guardians in either collecting child support from another party, adjust the child support order already in place, and/or any other issues regarding child support.

Selecting a Child Custody Lawyer

There are many professionals in the area, which can make the task of finding the right lawyer seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to find the right lawyer for you:

  1. Referrals

Ask around! Your friends and family likely either know a custody lawyer personally, have experienced a similar situation or know someone who has. While I do not recommend going with the first name drop you hear, gathering a list of referrals from people whose opinions carry value with you is a great place to start.

  1. Online Research

There is plenty of information on the web about lawyers. Every law firm should have their own website and should be able to tell you the basic details of their practice. You may be surprised at how much information a simple Google Search Result can provide. It is important to have all the information on your lawyer of choice.

  1. Interview

You will not find better information than straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say. Narrow down your top few choices from your referrals and online research and schedule a consultation or phone conversation with the lawyer you feel has the best, most professional reputation. Talk to them about their background, case history, and personal story. Ask them what a case like yours would entail, and of course, ask about their retainer fees and other costs for their services. Not only will all these elements factor into your ultimate decision, but a short conversation will reveal a lot about how your experience with that lawyer will be through the process. Were they easy to get in contact with? Did they respond to you promptly? Do you feel comfortable with them as an individual? Did they show that they cared? Did they ask questions and seem like they had the appropriate time for you? If the answer is yes to most or all these questions, you may have found the right fit for you!

The divorce and custody battle experiences are draining and emotionally overwhelming. Having well-trained and knowledgeable lawyer that you trust on your side will boost your chances of getting the best result on your case. At Latiolais Law Firm, Emily Latiolais has a great deal of experience in representing families in these types of cases, and we are ready to fight for you and what is best for your children!

If you are involved in a divorce with a child or children, and/or you need an attorney that can represent you and your child in a child custody or child support case, call Emily Latiolais with Latiolais Law Firm! With Latiolais Law Firm, you are treated like family, and you can expect nothing but the best and most informed representation that you deserve!