Louisiana takes domestic violence very seriously. Domestic violence is defined as any behavior used to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or intimate family member. This includes but is not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, isolation, intimidation, and economic abuse. Anyone who feels threatened or is experiencing domestic violence can file for protective orders to eliminate further abuse and harm. Although you do not need an attorney to file for a protective order, the process of obtaining and enforcing a protective order can be a legally and emotionally complex process. If you are in a domestic violence situation you are already dealing with a great deal of emotional stress and having an attorney to guide you through each step of the process will ensure it is done properly and as quickly as possible.

In Louisiana, the Supreme Court of Louisiana created the Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR), which registers all active protective orders – whether they are temporary orders or permanent. The purpose of the registry was to help victims and their families along with judges and prosecuting attorneys by monitoring situations of domestic violence closely and enforcing protective orders successfully.

Who can file a protective order? 

Any individual who believes they are a victim of physical, sexual, emotional harassment or abuse, stalking, or any other act of domestic violence can file for any of the above protective orders. A parent and/or guardian of a minor who has been the victim of one of these crimes can file on behalf of the child. Also, an employer or place of business can file a protective order in the workplace against an individual showing harassing or threatening behavior.

What to do if you have been issued a restraining order

First and foremost, obey the order! Louisiana takes this very seriously and violation of your order will only complicate things. If you have been issued a protective order or accused of violating an existing order, it is important that you take it very seriously and consult with an attorney to learn and understand your rights and options. Your ability to defend yourself strongly relies on a thorough understanding of the law within your state. Having an attorney that is experienced in Family Law, has a thorough understanding of the rules of evidence and knows what a judge will be looking for will greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

If you are seeking to get a protective order and need assistance, or if you have been issued a protective order and don’t know what to do next, we can help! Emily Latiolais is known for her compassion and willingness to fight for her clients both inside and outside the courtroom. Contact us today for a consultation.

For confidential advice and more victim resources, contact the Louisiana Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-888-411-1333 or at www.lcadv.org